Yoruba vs Ibo Toxic War of Words.

Most regular readers of Posts, blogs and commentaries on face-book, will no doubt have been bordered by unwarranted toxic war of words on tribal abuses hurled on one another by the two major ethnic tribes located adjacent to each other in Nigeria. One group on the South-Western end and the other on the South-Eastern part of the Country. A lot of readers have expressed their outrage, shocked and disappointment on the content and level of toxic utterances by these seemingly in-matured individuals who bottled animosity, hate and prejudice against their fellow men and women barely separated by thin line of each other. We at imatchadvocate org, are sicken and ashamed by these two ethnic ire-dentist tribal jingoists posting such disrespectful tribal slurs on various time-line and forums on the face book.

Most matured readers of these uncomplimentary posts are daily offended by the level of deep seated unwarranted hatred and abuses sporadically heaped to a whole member of ethnic group different from the other on account of differences in dialect; even-though each of these two groups are barely separated by distance of about 400-500 miles East -West of the other on administrative State of origin.

The above acts are not only done in bad taste, it tells a lot on the personal character of the writers who engaged in such a disgusting posts and behavior. It portrays nothing but narrow mindedness. In the first place, neither of these tribal writers were mandated by any group to represent them. These loquacious writers commits their outrageous incivility like Soldiers of fortune. The irony of the matter is some of these writers reside outside their own tribal enclave. Some even live in Europe and North America or Asia amongst members of multicultural, nation States or multinationals. You wonder why they never learn any lesson about human behavior.

While I do not want to wade into tribal war of words between Yoruba and Igloo tribes of Nigeria, I am impelled to appeal to the two Waring factions to drop their machetes, or ammunition before reaching the nuclear option. What these war of words portends for the nation have over reaching consequences. These Soldiers of ‘fortune’ ever wonder, why are their nationals defy law of good behavior when they migrate to other parts of the World, be it in Europe, America, South Africa, or Asian nations etc?

We hereby like to appeal to the above two warring factions to eschew bitterness for the sake of humanity. Our God given energy can be better deployed for the greatest ‘goods’ of the ‘greatest’ number for their fellow men and women. Let us use our talents, power of words, inspiration to help pull our fellow tribes men and women out of their present social economic predicament. Poverty in the midst of Riches. Nigerian rulers have turn themselves to Emperors of pre-industrial revolution of the 7th-10th era in Europe. An estimated Seventy per cent of Nigerian People are still living below human standard in this age. This is shame to all us as member of African race.

We need to share inspiration from World great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Pandit Nehru, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Tafa Balewa, Kaduna Nzegwu, Murtalah Mohamed, as well as so many great World and African leaders too numerous to mention. It is time to be proactive in political and social-economic development of our fellow human beings.

If Nelson Mandela can forgive White South Africans who oppressed, degraded and killed Black Africans in their own Country including sentencing Mandela to life imprisonment for daring to fight for his fellow Men and Women. Why can’t we all forgive one another? Why don’t everyone get along? Forgive and forget whatever happen in Past. Let us face the future.

God bless.
Fatai Deji Animashaun.

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