Tribute To Nelson Mandela.



The passing away of Nelson Mandela is a loss to the entire human race. He is an icon of Freedom and emancipation of oppressed People from the clutches of oppression and human degradation. He rose from twenty seven plus years of imprisonment for his conviction and self-determination to stand up for the emancipation of his ‘People’ from the economic and political shackles of oppression. He was a great political activist. He organized revolt against the minority government under the apartheid policy passed into Law in 1948. Hew was arrested, tried and sent to Prison for life. His People continued with the struggle, demanded for majority rule which became a Watershed in the history of south Africa.

Nelson Mandela, Vanguard of resistance and struggle toward majority rule in South Africa, eventually yielded successful result. He transitioned from Prison to the office of the President of an embittered and deeply divided South Africa, in Post majority rule. He subdued and eradicated apartheid system in the nation. As a pragmatic leader, he established national reconciliation for Peace, Human dignity, fairness and all embracing Nation building for South Africans as an emerging modern progressive nation. Nelson Mandela as the new leader eschewed bitterness in his new role as President. He became a leading example for the rest of humanity. He was endowed with a deep sense of humility and inspiration as a transient World leader. A great Patriot.

Nelson Mandela lifted his Country from implicit oppression, Servitude and human degradation of multifarious groups turn by racial, tribal and economic deprivation for over hundred of years. He reformed and transform his nation to a united, prosperous, fast growing and developing great nation where Whites, tribal groups of Africans, Asians and other nationalities were united under the spirit of one united nation bind by diversity in unity for every men and women in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela legacy of inspiration is worthy of emulation by other African leaders in their nations building as well as the whole wide World in general. The legacy to the World is that this is a lesson in leadership of international development. He is a great Patriot. He started his struggle for moving his Country forward right from the period when he organized uprising against the minority government till the period of assumption as the Presidency of his nation.

He exudes enduring patience, perseverance, and an aura of politics without bitterness. His legacy will live on. It is an understatement to refer to him as a legendary leader.

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