Our Mission:

i-Match Advocate, Inc. mission is to engage in mass mobilization of men and women, the stake holders in the civil society, toward their civic and social responsibility toward the society. To engineer social mobility of the people toward progressive righteousness. To inculcate and develop zero tolerance for bribery, graft, corruption, and human right abuse in the larger society.

To establish legal framework for fighting and combating corruption in the public and private sector of the economy through the process of the law. To fight for Human Rights Abuse and Civil Rights of citizens through the legal system. To combat institutional corruption through legal action and challenges in the court of law whenever the tenants of the constitution is being violated.

To engage in drafting and sponsoring appropriate legislation and reforms toward elimination of corruption and Human Rights Abuse in the society. To sponsor legislation in support of and protection of ‘whistle blowers’ including men and women who stand for the truth, social justice and righteousness in the larger society

.Our Vision:

To arouse consciousness in the socioeconomic the life of all people in the society. To affirm probity, accountability, integrity, courage, fearlessness and zero tolerance for corruption and human right abuse in the society where i-Match Advocate operate anywhere in the world.

Our Guiding Principle:

The body as a charitable, not-for-profit, non-religious, non-secretarian, civil right organization is committed to the following principles:

  • Transparency
  • Openness
  • Nondiscriminatory
  • Non defense of Civil Rights violation of Human Rights Abuse in the society.
  • Accountability and respect for international conventions and laws.