Go Quietly en-mass or Else.

African political Actors/Operators, otherwise, widely but erroneously referred to as 'Political Leaders' as constituted, are made up of People with colonial mentality of pre-independence era. As an astute follower of African history and political scene of the past several decades, I have witnessed a seeming cobweb of entanglement of conflicting juxtaposition of barren infliction of idea and mentality of these most African political Actors and Operators. These technocrats make social, economic, political decision-making so slow, awkward and clumsy. The result is detrimental to over all progress of their People.

An observation of the political terrain of African political Actors/Operators, otherwise erroneously referred to as 'Political Leaders' as constituted, are made up of People with colonial mentality of pre-independence era. As an astute history and African political scene in the past several decades, I have witnessed the cobweb of entangled, conflicting half baked to barren of idea and mentality of the so called African leaders. Often, saddled with the major responsibility of decision-making for the majority of the People.

No wonder, decision-making is so slow, awkward and clumsy. Most nations south of the sub-Sahara, like Nigeria, will reveal poor, uneconomic, awkward decision-making process for the Country. It is no wonder why the nations take one step forward while simultaneously take two steps backward. It is no wonder why government and governance for most African nations are not socially and economically moving forward laterally. The citizens in the Countries, such as Nigeria endure and lives with infrastructural deficient facilities such as roads, electricity supply, lack of healthcare delivery, inadequate educational system at primary, secondary and Tertiary levels, huge unemployment and lack of opportunities for youths, men and women.

In addition to the above, the pandemic of institutionalized corruption at every level of government. Nigeria rated 118 out of 126 countries, is making African nationals disappointment over their life existence. Accordingly, the opinion pool of majority of Citizens survey in the sub Sahara nations, showed that the People are feed-up with being led and misruled by conglomeration of backward thinkers and vision less political Actors/Operators erroneously being classified as 'leaders'. These generic leaders have failed to use commonsense in National Planing of their respective Nations.

The Founding Fathers of Independence in sub African regions such as Kweme Nkrumah, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello, Jomo Kenyata etc have vision and hardship confronting the Citizens in their respective Countries. They all did their best solve the social and economic problems of their citizens with limited resource at short span of time of their reign.

Hitherto, the subsequent leaders in the sub Saharan Africa, except of handful of head of state like Jerry Rawlings of Ghana, Nelson Mandela etc.

Political Actors/Aperators in a place like Nigeria behave like emperor, regard the ruled as peasants that contribute revenues toward opulent living of the government functionaries. Corruption is proactively encouraged by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branch of government.

It is almost impossible to have progress in African nations because the different ethnic, religious, and geographical congruous sections are polarized. The rulers tend to benefit from the situation.

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