i-Match Advocate, Inc. (NPF)

i-Match means International Movement Against Corruption and Human Right Abuse.

i-Match Advocate, Inc. is a global anti corruption crusader and human rights abuse advocate. The body is an independent, not-for-profit, non-governmental (NGO), dedicating resource and services to combat  corruption and human right abuse in the society.

The organization was incorporated in Chicago, Illinois , USA February 15th 2010. The international headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The body grants International Charter to independent body in any nation anywhere in the world for the purpose of engineering system to fight , combat and eradicate corruption and human right abuse from the nation where the agency operates.

The organization and all its subsidiaries are independent, nonpolitical, nonracial, nonsexist, and non-religious entities. Their objective is to dedicate services to expose, combat, eliminate, the institution of corruption, the vices and its social effects on the public life and civil society of the nations across the globe where they operate.

Our focus is based on effects of the following:

  • Corruption in the social file of the citizens in the society.
  • Corruption on the economic life of all citizens.
  • Corruption on the educational life of the citizens
  • Corruption on the political life of the citizens.
  • Corruption on the business life of the citizens.
  • Corruption as cog in the wheel of progress of socioeconomic upliftment of all citizens.
  • Corruption as nexus of vicious circle of poverty and underdevelopment, repression of civil rights of all the stake holders in the larger society.

Our  strategy are:

  • To lead the fight to combat and eradicate corruption and its devastating effect on the socioeconomic development of the people in the world.
  • To educate and reawaken subconsciousness of the people toward their civic and social responsibilities to their larger societies.
  • To teach the people to shun apathy; and developed zero tolerance for corruption and human right abuse in the society.
  • To establish legal framework for civil right defense of citizens whose human right is violated.
  • To propose legal anti-corruption laws to fight and prosecute corruption and human right abuse in the society.