International Movement Against Corruption and Human Right Abuse.

Our aim is to improve quality of life for all by mitigating the negative effects of corruption among the people.
Manifested in various forms, corruption may be identified in issues relating to abuse of basic human rights, inadequate or lacking infrastructural amenities such as water, electricity, transportation and communication systems.
These often lead to poor educational and employment opportunities, absence of access to adequate health services, security of life, property and opportunity to pursue happiness.


Absence of all the foregoing attributes of effective support of the general population by elected representatives in a nation like Nigeria has resulted in the individual trying to provide these life essential amenities by themselves.
Individual attempts at replicating the role of government have resulted in gross inefficiencies in the use of available resources. Inefficient use of resources leads to scarcity which creates competition among individuals searching for access at all cost – a quantifiable ingredient in the perpetration of corruption.
Hence, the notion of mitigating corruption in order to resolve the issue of evident and persistent deprivation of basic amenities to the generality of the population becomes less arduous to comprehend.
The enemy is known and correctly identified as c-o-r-r-u-p-t-i-o-n. Efforts at mitigation shall start now and comprise the following strategies:
  • •    Identify and define various forms of corruption in the system
  • Determine scope and tabulate elements affected
  • Propose acceptable and workable options for mitigation

i-Match Advocate, Inc. mission is to engage in mass mobilization of men and women, the stake holders in the civil society, toward their civic and social responsibility toward the society. To engineer social mobility of the people toward progressive righteousness. To inculcate and develop zero tolerance for bribery, graft, corruption, and human right abuse in the larger society.
Our Guiding Principle:
The body as a charitable, not-for-profit, non-religious, non-secretarian, civil right organization is committed to the following principles:
▪ Transparency
▪ Openness
▪ Nondiscriminatory
▪ Non defense of Civil Rights violation of Human Rights Abuse in the society.
▪ Accountability and respect for international conventions and laws.
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The motive for formation of this anti corruption Agency is to fight against the institution of corruption and it’s devastating effects on the lives of men, women, infants, and children of underdeveloped economies of the world, (Africa, Asia, and South America societies).
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We are actively looking for people that can assist in our efforts in various ways.

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Since we are a not-for-profit, we we rely on generous donations however big or small keep the fight going.
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